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This is the second home we've had radiant barrier and extra insulation installed by RadiantGUARD. The installers were on time, did a great job, and cleaned up after. Our electric bills were reduced around 20% at our first home and we are hopeful of the same this time around.
Great experience. Shaun really communicated well. Only had one small issue and he personally came out to make it right. The radiant barrier and blown in insulation has really made a difference with how often the ac unit cycles on and off. Along with the electric fans I had installed in the attic the attic temps are WAY cooler. Also had them install extra sofit air grates so the electric attic fans pull air from outside instead of sucking my ac air out of the house. Will call Shaun and radiant guard when we replace our windows with energy efficient double pane windows.
I would highly recommend Radiant Guard Pro for insulation work. From the salesperson, to the crews working on site, to the office manager they were very professional, thorough and helpful.
I Chose Radiant Guard for my Attic insulation because I didn't want to worry about being exposed to chemicals that could harm my family and pet's overtime. I can already tell a difference in my home in my upstairs bedrooms. They would tend to get hot midday and now i almost need to put on a sweater. Everyone was extremely professional and very informative. The pricing was reasonable, and the best part was that the work was done very timely and i did not have to go stay in a hotel for 3 days.
Shawn was so polite and courteous when discussing our purchase. He explained everything and we liked his approach to the energy efficiency. He answered all our questions, and we had a lot! The crew that installed our radiant barrier, solar attic fan and extra blown in insulation were great! they were efficient, knowledgeable, and left everything clean. thank you. Looking forward to our A/C working more efficiently!!
Joe visited us for a free estimate and the conversation was so pleasant. He told us that our house was in great condition and nothing extra was required. It is rare to have such honest people. I'd recommend them for sure!
We had a fantastic experience with this company from start to finish. Joe came out to give us a quote and he was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. He was also able to work up the quote on the spot so we knew exactly what we were dealing with. And their prices are extremely competitive! I was expecting to pay 2-3x what we ended up paying. Their installers were fantastic. We have a lot of attic space and it was the middle of July in Texas so the attics were easily over 130 degrees and they knocked the radiant barrier, insulation, solar attic fans, and 18 soffit vents out in 1 day with very minimal mess. We immediately noticed a huge difference both inside the attics and in all the rooms that are around those spaces. I really cannot recommend this company highly enough!
We suffered with a hot attic for years. Doing the research, radiant barrier was definitely the way to go to attack the problem. So after a contractor search, we decided to call RadiantGaurd-Pro.The appointment was quickly scheduled. Joe came out and performed an initial inspection then gave us a reasonable quote.The install job went very well. However, the first really warm day was three or four days after the install. Though there was already substantial improvement, we felt there still some warm areas. Shawn the owner came out, looked over the situation, and calculated the house needed additional soffit work. Note that initial inspection was done on a very cool day back in April and this problem would not have been possible to diagnose at that time.Shawn is the Professor of "Attic Science". Its already been noticeably better in the house at around 90+ degrees outside. I'd say the AC cycles went down by a 40% at least. We are looking forward to more comfort this summer and will be interested to see how better it is come August.This is the kind of contractor you hope you get when you finally make the call to have somebody do a job like this. The owner, inspector, crew, back office, and customer service were are all first rate. They all seemed very motivated to insure we felt happy with the job.Highly Recommend!
Good service, good quality work. Had radiant barrier installed by them. I asked them to go back and take detailed pictures and they did.
Outstanding professionalism and service. Great company to work with. I used their services for insulation removal and replacement.
I had Radiant Guard come out and install a complete Radiant Barrier, add to my blown in insulation, add two solar fans and open up new soffit vents for attic ventilation... My house has a crazy hot attic with terrible insulation and ventilation. The system they installed seems to have made a considerable difference in attic temperature, it will be interesting to see how it performs in the 100+ degree days here in Texas. Last year I couldn't get my upstairs living room below 80 in the summer and my bills were over $500 a month, we'll get to see the impact and will update this review later in the summer...I will say the estimate, scheduling, and execution of the work was excellent. I've had some mixed experiences with contractors and other household services... Shawn at Radiant Guard was a great guy to work with, I can be pretty demanding as an engineer wanting to verify and inspect everything, Shawn was helpful and responsive to all my questions and requests even responding to Text on a Sunday which was great. I'm very pleased with the customer focus, responsiveness to my concerns, and quality of the work completed... Thank you Shawn and Chris for the help... I'll report back with my summer Data in August :) Cheers.
While researching on how to improve heating and cooling retention in my house I saw my insulation in the attic was in a bad shape and I need to bring it to current R-38 but during my research I found installing a radiant barrier helped further herb heat refutation. I researched few companies in DFW area and landed up with selecting RadiantGuard-Pro, they are one of the largest manufacturer of the radiant barrier which is not only good but pours to allow moisture to escape through.I worked with Shawn the nicest person to assess and gave a great quote and the crew was clean and outstanding. He came and inspected the completion and installed a attic thermostat so that they can see my attic temperature and also gave me a device that wirelessly sent the attic temperature to the device which I have with meFantastic work!!
I normally don't submit reviews for companies, but I felt compelled to do so for RadiantGUARD-PRO since they did such an excellent job from start to finish. With the extremely hot temps this summer coupled with the high energy costs, I decided it was finally time to try to find a way to make my energy use more efficient. So, I called a few companies to provide advice and estimates. All companies were professional in the sense that they showed up when scheduled, looked at my attic space and made recommendations. When Shawn arrived though, he spent quite a bit to time reviewing my attic from multiple access points, measuring temps at multiple points in the attic, measuring temps at my AC supply vents and even measured temps in my garage since it is south facing. Given all the information, Shawn made a comprehensive recommendation for radiant barrier, extra blown in insulation, radiant barrier on my garage and an attic door tent. Shawn's recommendation was spot on and hit every aspect of the concerns I expressed to him during the walk through. After more research I decided to go with Shawn as much for him personally as for his recommendation. On the day 1 of the install, Shawn came out with the radiant barrier team of Rene and a helper. Rene did an amazing job. I cannot tell you how impressed I was that he was able to install the radiant barrier so professionally in such a challenging attic space where the peaks are more than 15 feet above the attic deck and other spaces are quite tight. At the end of the install, Rene was soaked through due to the heat and the safety suit - totally amazing! On day 2, Chris came by with a helper to blow in the insulation and add radiant barrier to my garage door. He did a great job. Unfortunately, a few of the garage panels came down due to the adhesive failing, however, Shawn assured me they would make it right and sure enough Chris was by in a couple of days and re-did the entire garage door. Shawn even left me with a present - a temp sensor in the attic so I could monitor the temps. When Shawn came for the estimate, my attic temps were 20-25 degrees above ambient on the attic floor and nearly 40 degrees above ambient at the roof peak. No wonder my AC was struggling so much. Since the install, my temps on the attic floor are always within 5-6 degrees of ambient temperature and that really reduces the heat load on the the AC. Of course, my AC is in the attic like most TX houses so not only does the AC need to deal with the heat load, but the cooled air is running through that hot attic so it is a double whammy. It's only been about a week but so far the energy savings on electrical is around 20-25%! Note that many of my appliances are gas (water heater, cook stove, clothes dryer, etc.) so my electrical use is dominated by AC and pool pump. So, your mileage may vary but the radiant barrier coupled with the insulation really reduced by electrical use (KWH). All in all I would recommend RadiantGUARD-PRO to anyone looking for help with attic insulation and ventilation. Note that many companies recommended that I install expensive solar fans, but Shawn noticed my full house soffit vents and multiple fans already installed and said that would be a poor investment - he was right!
I am having issues cooling the master bedroom so I called a couple companies for ideas and estimates. I was considering several possible solutions including adding more blown in insulation and radiant barrier in the attic spaces to reduce the temperature. Justin Andregg from Radiant Guard Professional Services came to my house and did a very thorough inspection of my attic spaces. He brought a temperature gun that he used in several areas of my house and attic, he measured the insulation levels, and he found a couple of minor leaks in two of my ducts. He recommended that I have those fixed or replaced. He also recommend that I move the duct going to my master bedroom. This company doesn’t do that work.Now for the BEST PART. Justin said that he did NOT recommend new radiant barrier or more insulation for my home. He said I have a different form of radiant barrier and the temperatures in the attic are where they need to be. He also said that my insulation levels are sufficient. He said he wouldn’t want me to wast my money and be unhappy with the small difference in attic temperature reduction.The funny thing is I had another company come out before him and they recommend a tremendous amount of work at a huge expense. I appreciate Justin’s honesty and will recommend him and his company in the future.I really wish more service technicians cared about their customers like him. I also wish I could have given him my business but they don’t handle the work that I need done.I highly recommend calling Radiant Guard to inspect your attic if you have questions about improving your attic temperatures with radiant barrier or insulation.
I called RadiantGUARD to come out and fill in some areas of my attic where work was done by other contractors. They came out and filled in all the areas needed and topped off all other areas. They did a great job and I would recommend them to others.
We had RadiantGuard come out to give us an estimate on adding insulation and a radiant barrier. We received a quick response from them and arranged an appointment the next day.Justin came out and spent about an hour looking over our system and when he was done, sat down with me and talked over what he saw and what his recommendations were. When we were done I had his quote in hand along with some great documentation on radiant barriers. It was an impressive and thorough package.We had three or four other companies come out and provide us with quotes, but no one had a quote package like what RadiantGuard provided and the pricing was competitive.I followed up a few days later with a couple questions on what would be included and received a quick response. I was very impressed overall with their professionalism from start to finish.I would not hesitate to recommend RadiantGuard. Professional and courteous all the way around.
We had RadiantGuard come out to give us an estimate on adding insulation and a radiant barrier. We received a quick response from them and arranged an...
Radiant Guard PSG recently completed insulation removal and installation of new blown in insulation of our home. Everything from the initial quote to the...
I had some insulation blown in my attic along with the radiant barrier and the guys did a great job. They were on time, professional and knocked it out with the quickness. Thanks for the great installation👍🏻
Shawn is very knowledgeable and very kind! My family thought our house attic might need have insulation totally replaced which was told by the CritterControl pest control company. Shawn checked everything using his profession and let us know that they are all fine - no need to do anything with this status !! We trust him and trust this company. But in the meantime, how terrible the Crittercontrol company is ! Thanks a bunch RadiantGuard and thanks a lot to Shawn!!!
Radiant Barrier and insulation. Best price and professional consultant, Shawn was very knowledgeable and competent. Install crews were courteous and quick.
The installers showed up on time and Shawn answered all my questions. I would recommend them to anyone looking for attic insulation and efficiency upgrades.
RadiantGuard did an excellent job with the extra insulation we needed in part of our attic. Shawn Franklin was on time and provided a great estimate of cost. The installers arrived on time and completed the job quickly. We are already seeing the benefits.
This group did an awesome job on my attic and all my requests. Scheduling was easy. The crews were always on time and friendly. Yes, I have already recommended to my best friends.
I had the opportunity to work with Shawn last year and the entire experience from the beginning to the end was incredible. From the initial call, the experience exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!!!
I had several people come in for the estimate. This company (Shawn) was far better than others in terms of knowledge and experience. The installation crew led by Chris was excellent, too. I highly recommend this company for radiant barrier, insulation, and other works. The price is very competitive, too.
RadianGuard was awesome! I was approached at Home Depot by someone that offered to inspect my attic for insulation, ventilation, and radiant barrier. I ended up having plenty of insulation, but the guy recommended that I have several more vents installed on the roof, as well as radiant barrier. The product he was selling was the paint on kind. I did some research and found out that the foil type is much better, and ended up on RadiantGuard's website. I was so pleased with what I saw that I called them out for an estimate. Their price was within a few dollars of the paint on type, even though it's far superior, and more labor intensive to install. Additionally, they told me that I didn't need the additional attic vents, but that I did need to have the vents underneath the eaves of my home opened up to allow more fresh air to come into the attic. RG was very professional, did a great job, even found a couple of problems with ducts that I had, and fixed them free of charge. This treatment lowered the temperature in my attic close to 40 degrees! I would definitely recommend contacting RG to get your house setup. Side benefit, now we're all protected from aliens, right?!... LOL!
RadiantGuard came out promptly for an estimate. They gave detailed information and were priced fairly. Work was completed quickly and professionally. Customer service was fantastic the entire time. I couldn't be happier!
Professional work, representation, follow up and results. Much better than the those "radiant spray guys"! Definitely recommend!
RadiantGAURD was very professional, the process from bid to installation was seamless. They showed up on time and did everything they said they were going to do. If your looking to have radiant barrier installed I highly recommend using them!Mike Poen
Shawn and the team did an excellent job installing RB in our attic, as well as additional insulation and a solar ventilator. I chose Radiant Guard after researching several products and reviews. Their schedule is flexible and they found me 12 mo same as cash financing. My only regret is that I didn't get this done 15 years ago when I bought the house. It would have paid for itself by now. My first week's electric use was $18 lower. I could probably get that down by setting the thermostat higher but I'm enjoying temperatures that were not achievable before RadiantGuard.
Completely uninsulated shop (i.e.: "Blank Canvas") is 1,800sqft with 2 separate bays. For testing I started on the 20'x30' bay with just the RadiantGuard breathable radiant barrier. The underside of the roof sheathing was 126*f and after the radiant barrier it was 107*f BEFORE we added any insulation.Needless to say we're doing the rest of the shop!Thanks for such a great product and your customer service folks are top notch too! [Edit: Photos added!]
Great people to work with. Everyone I have worked with is friendly and knowledgeable. Great team!
We are so happy we decided to have Radiant Guard installed in our attic. Before the install, we were struggling to get our upstairs below 76 degrees. Now we have the thermostat set to 72 degrees and it is holding to that temp! What a difference it has made for us! The company was very professional, on time, and quick. I would recommend this product to anyone struggling to cool their house or to those that want a more efficient home. It really does make a difference!
Shawn and his installers were awesome. I felt like I had a ventilation problem in my attic and showed Shawn my concerns. I wanted re-assurance my assumption was correct. He made recommendations on the placement of a Solar Attic Fan to maximize sunlight exposure and get the best benefit. I can already tell a difference in my master bathroom and bedroom. I would certainly recommend them to my neighbors. Price was fair any the process way easy. Money well spent.
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